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Terms & conditions

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For participating in the activities organized by Pa'lante Music & Dance Academy (Pa'lante or PDA) general terms and conditions apply.

With the registration for a course, in writing, by telephone, by e-mail or via the digital registration form, the participant declares to have taken note of the applicable general conditions and declares to agree to this.

Point 1 up to and including point 3 of the general terms and conditions are also applicable for

every person who is present as a guest at the activities organized by Pa'lante.


1. Liability

  • Being a guest or to participate in the activities organized by Pa'lante is entirely at your own risk. If a person has doubts as to his or her state of physical or mental health, we advise them to consult their doctor before visiting or participating in the activities.

  • Pa'lante is not liable for theft or any form of physical or material damage of the attendees caused by third parties before, during or after the activities.

  • Everyone present is legally responsible for possible damage brought to the building where the activity is being held as for the equipment present.


 2. Rules of conduct

  • Everyone present must adhere to the general house rules of the activity location.

  • Negligence in relation to these general terms and conditions, misconduct or deliberate disturbance of the order may result in temporary suspension or total exclusion of all Pa'lante activities. (Under misconduct, we mean violating general social codes of conduct of the Dutch state).

  • Pa'lante reserves the right to determine when suspension or total exclusion is applicable.

  • In case of suspension or total exclusion due to misconduct or negligence, there will be no refund of any paid lesson- course- or entrance fee.


 3. Imaging material

  • During the activities of PDA there will be a person appointed by Pa'lante collecting images obtained through photo and / or video recordings of those present. These images can be displayed on public, social and internet pages for public entertainment and / or advertising purposes.

  • Media images obtained by present people during the activities organized by Pa'lante, may absolutely not be used on public, social media or for advertising purposes without the permission of Pa'lante.


 4. Courses

  • Open days are free and accessible to everyone. Notification is not necessary.

  • Your registration for a course is only definitive upon written registration by means of the registration form, by telephone registration or by registration via the e-mail or digital registration form.

  • Your participation in a course is only definitive upon payment of the course (lesson) fee.

  • Offered courses only take place in case of sufficient registrations.

  • In case the teacher is illness or unprecedented not able to attend, the lesson will be cancelled. For the following lessons, we will look to provide replacement. In case that a replacement is not possible, the tuition fee will be refunded pro rata.

  • Pa'lante will inform you in time if a course or lesson is cancelled.

  • For the music lessons, we expect students practice sufficient, have an instrument and to skip as little lessons as possible.

  • During regional school holidays, national festive days and mourning days there will be no regular classes.

 5. Course fees

  • Course fees are personal and not transferable to third parties.

  • The course fee must be paid fully, before the start of the first lesson, unless otherwise agreed.

  • In case of suspension or exclusion as a result of misconduct or negligence there will be no refund of the paid course fee(s).

  • The course fee only relates to the period for which registration applies.

  • Offers are only valid in the period described for this.

  • For the lessons, fees are incurred based on the number of participants.

  • If a lesson is missed during a course, there will be no refund of the tuition fee.

  • If a student cannot continue lessons after starting due to force majeure (like a serious illness or injury), we can consider and consult returning the remaining amount to you.

  • Students must timely report their absence. 24 hours before the next lesson.

  • In case we fail to provide a paid course before the start of this course, the full amount will be refunded to the student within 14 days.


6. Terminations / Cancellations

Cancelling participation in a course is free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the course. If cancelled too late, possible administration costs will be charged.


 7. Order

  • For a pleasant run of classes, we ask students to be present on time.

  • Take into account fellow students in case of group lessons.

  • Help each other orderly.

  • Treat everyone with respect.

  • Avoid using mobile phones during the classes.

  • Student makes they are wearing clothes and shoes that allow them to move easy and pleasantly.

  • There are no dress codes unless stated otherwise.


8. Secrecy

Pa'lante Dance Academy will not provide any confidential information issued by the student without expressly prior written permission from the student to or with third parties, unless there is a matter of deliberate violation of the law and / or one of the above conditions.

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