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"There is a Latin spirit in every one of us!" 

Awaken that Latin spirit and enjoy it!!

Pa'lante Music & Dance Academy (Pa'lante) provides dance and music lessons in Latin American, Caribbean and related styles.

Start your adventure today!

"Pa'lante" is the Spanish abbreviation for "para adelante". It literally means "going forward or forward". Before you know it, your progress will be noticeable!

Dance lessons

Learn to dance in just a few hours per month on the most exotic Caribbean and Latin American rhythms.

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Monday, November 11, 2019

✷19:30h - 20:30h Beginners 3 (Some experience with Salsa is required).

✷20:30h - 21:30h Beginners 1 (For people with no experience with Salsa).



Tuesday, November 12, 2019

✷19:30h - 20:30h level 1 (For people with no experience with Bachata).

✷20:30h - 21:30h level 2 (Some experience with Bachata is required).

➤Take notice that there aren't possibilities to catch up at a later date in case of nonattendance a lesson.


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Pampuslaan 1

Amsterdam IJburg

Music lessons

Learn to play your favorite instrument with a Latin and Caribbean vibe!


Percussion instruments, by Garry Francisco

(individually or in a group)

Latin piano by Mikel Foendoe

(individually or in a group)