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Frequently asked questions

Dance classes

For whom are the dance classes intended?

The lessons are meant for people of all ages, regardless of your ethnicity or gender.

It should be taken into account that some lessons will be given during evening hours.

If you are a minor and still want to attend classes, you must to do this in good consultation with your parents

I do not have a dance partner can I still register for the lessons?

You can certainly register. It is handy if you have a dance partner but, there

are always volunteers willing to come and assist during the courses.

I never had dance lessons before, can I still register?

The beginners’ course is suitable for those who have never had dance lessons before.

The lessons are based on a structure that allows you to start from the basics.

I have a lot of experience with Ballroom dancing and I have already had lessons in the past at what level should I register?

If in doubt, you can take a trial lesson without obligation. Then we can decide together which

level suits you best. Call or send an email with a short description of your dance experience. We will then contact you to make an appointment

I have been doing Zumba for years, is it not similar to Salsa dancing?

Even though Salsa dancing resembles top sports and the fact that Zumba is being performed on Latin American music Salsa dancing and Zumba are totally different. During the Salsa courses you also learn uncombined steps (shines / footwork), the ultimate goal of the Salsa lessons is however, that you learn to dance with a partner.

Do I have to wear a certain type of clothing?

We do not have a dress code. We always advise you to wear clothes in which you can move freely. Take care of wearing shoes with a smooth sole. On rubber soles one dances less swiftly on a smooth floor.

Can my children also come along during the classes?

Salsa is for all ages. If they are old enough to nicely join in, they certainly can. If you have very young children, you should realize that there is no possibility for a babysitter on location. It would also be disturbing for your fellow students when the children make a lot of noise during the lessons.

I am really a rake! Can I also learn to dance Salsa?

We believe that everyone who can walk can also learn to dance. Walking is like dancing, a rhythmic movement. It is important for you to be patient. It is a learning process!

One person sometimes picks it up a bit faster and another person might look cooler than one on the dance floor. It happens! The lessons are structured in such a way that you start from the very beginning. And that is how you gradually learn to coordinate your movements.

I am looking for the love of my life. Can I sign up for one dance course at Pa'lante to find a partner?

Pa'lante is not a mediation agency for couples. During the lessons you will learn what you can do to master the techniques of dance. We do not exclude that you can meet someone with whom you can have a click and ultimately love will blossom between you. We of Pa'lante are independent of your mutual agreements.

My question is not listed. What can I do?

Contact us and feel free to ask your question. It can be done by mail, telephone or personally after the lesson.

Music lessons

Who can join our music lessons?

The courses are meant for people of all ages, regardless your ethnicity or gender.

Some lessons will be given in evening hours. If you are under age and want to attend classes, you need to consult with your parents or caretaker.

Can I also take a trial lesson?

Yes, a trial course is possible. To take a trial course you need to register in advance and pay the given rate. You can find the rates for a trial course here.

Do I have to bring my own instrument(s)?

If you own an instrument, feel free to bring it. If you do not own an instrument and we have one available, you can borrow one during the course. To avoid disappointment, contact us beforehand.

My question is not listed. What can I do?

Feel free to ask your question. You can contact us by e-mail, telephone or by person after the course.

How long does it take to learn to play an instrument?

Every person learns to play at his or her own pace. Playing an instrument is a physical skill and requires repetition for improvement. Practice makes perfect! By practicing regularly, you learn to play at a basic level within a few months.

Are the teachers qualified?

Yes. All our teachers are highly qualified professionals with stage experience and teaching skills.They are experts at sharing knowledge and skills to various students

Is a thirty-minute lesson enough for beginners?

Yes. Thirty-minute lessons, give you more time to practice at home and within half an hour

you get enough material to develop the right technique.