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Compose your own package

You can choose from our various dance workshops, music workshops, dance shows and possibly in combination with a Pop / Latin band and / or an all-round DJ. How about samba dancers in colorful glitters and feathers accompanied by a brass band as an act on your evenemet? It is all possible!

Dance workshop

Enjoyment is the most important thing in our workshops! That is why together with you, we will decide which dance and music styles will be presented and with tropical sounds and dance we create warm atmospheres with much interaction. The workshop is for to groups of men, women and / or mixed. Participants can dance as a couple or solo, depending on their and your wishes.

With our workshop you bring fun to your event.

Our workshop offers an introduction to various Latin styles including Salsa, Bachata and Merengue. The workshop starts with a small warming up to assess the level and the enthusiasm of the group and then take the first step towards a successful event. Then we start with a number of beautiful combinations and especially to have a lot of fun. The party would not be complete without music. Do you need a Latin and /or pop DJ or band? And / or do you want a dazzling dance show? Feel free to contact us.

Wedding package

Your big day is approaching! Of course, you want to make it a beautiful day. We will be happy to make it work you. It is no longer necessary to be nervous about the opening dance because you can learn a nice choreography with a few hours a week of dancing lessons.

The party is not complete without a dazzling Latin / pop DJ or band and you can book this at Pa'lante! Entertain your guests with a fun dance workshop and ensure a party kick-off!

Let us capture your day through photo’s or video, so you can enjoy it afterwards and relive beautiful memories. One of our experienced event photographers will make sure the best festive moments taken and recorded. Feel free to contact us.

Latin, Caribbean & pop band

Caribbean Lovers” is an 8-musician all-round band under the direction of Garry Francisco.


The band members are professionals with many years of stage experience in the Latin, Pop and Caribbean scene and know how to get the audience swinging on every occasion.

Their extended repertoire can consist of different genres such as:

  • Dance Classics

  • Dutch oriented music

  • Salsa

  • Merengue

  • Bachata

  • Caribbean

  • Reggae

  • Soul

 Do you want a variety of dancing music or a specific genre?

Then” Caribbean Lovers” is the band suitable for your event!

Feel free to contact us.

Percussion workshop

In this workshop we offer an introduction to various percussion instruments including clave, conga, bongo and drum. In this workshop you will make your own music. How about a combination of dance and percussion workshop?

Photo and / or video shoot

Turn your event into a visual story. Capture the best moments on photo and /or video.

Our photographers are specialized in making photo-and video shoots of events. We assure you that your the nicest and most memorable moments will be recorded. Feel free to contact us.

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