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Pa'lante Music & Dance Academy (Pa'lante) provides dance and music lessons in Latin

American, Caribbean and related styles. Pa'lante consists of a dynamic team of professionals and volunteers who would like to help and guide you in developing your Latin spirit.  


Latin American influences are now strongly present in the musical scene. This presence has increased considerably since the 1980s. Nowadays the crossover between Latin and pop music, is a worldwide phenomenon. A number of founders of this genre include Gloria Estefan, Selena,

Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias and Shakira.

Are you musically skilled and want to enrich your musical cadenza with new music styles? Or have you always wanted to play a musical instrument? Then this is your chance to learn to play the most fascinating Latin American and Caribbean rhythms. Pa'lante has brought together the best Latin and Caribbean musicians to give you the chance to develop and express your musical skills in a fun and accessible way. The music lessons are taught by professional teachers. 


We organize regularly events in the area of dance and music so that you can bring in practice your lessons and show them on the stage or dance floor.

Pa'lante consists of a dynamic team that is happy to help and guide you in developing and expressing your performing arts. We also give customized Salsa, Bachata, Samba and/or percussie workshops. Wether it is a company party, wedding or private party, we will help you with the content. 


Ingemar Emanuel

Founder and dance teacher at Pa'lante Dance Academy

I was born on the Caribbean island of Curaçao. I had a special love for salsa music ever since my childhood. Something that at that time was considered very old-fashioned among my peers. Due to that love I gained an ever-growing interest in salsa dancing through the years and started dancing Salsa Antillean-style at a young age. In 1999 I came in contact with Salsa LA-style through a friend and since that moment I have not been able to stay away from the dance floor. Salsa means a lot more to me than only dancing. It is a lifestyle!


Pa’lante Music and Dance Academy is a platform created by passion and love for music and dance.

We, from Pa’lante want to share that same passion, love and adventure with you.


Do you want to learn something new, get to know new people and / or shift your creative skills?

Whatever your goal, at Pa’lante you can do so in a fun and cozy way. Have fun during the classes at Pa'lante!

Rabio & Froukje

Dance teachers Bachata at Pa'lante Dance Academy

Rabio started dancing salsa 14 years ago by accidentally taking a workshop salsa. Since that day he never stopped improving himself as a dancer especially in the salsa and bachata styles. He started his show dancing career in 2008 and became dutch salsa champion for semi-pro on1 in 2011. He danced 4 years in Matanza Dance company before the group stopped in early 2019. He dances currently in Aguila show group. He dances and teaches salsa New York and LA style, Bachata moderna and sensual.
He has performed shows solo, in couple and in team format and gave dance workshops on several stages national and international in Europe and the middle east
Beside his passion for dance you will find him as dj "RabioZo" very often behind the decks dj’ing for his fellow dancers

Froukje's passion for dancing started with ballet and jazz lessons at the age of nine. During secondary school she added gymnastics, yoga and ballroom dans to her list.

She started dancing cuban salsa during a trip to Cuba at 2005.
She discovered Brazilian Zouk a few years later and fell in love right away! She took as many lessons as possible for a few years and participates the ( Zouk) teachers course at DA Dance studio Rotterdam (Willem Engel)

In order to develop herself more widespread she added various (solo) dances to her list such as modern Dance , jazz Dance , burlesque , Salsa and some Mambo. The last years her passion has been with Bachata Fusion.

With attention to techniques and a warm approach, she hopes to spread her passion for dance.

Together with her dance partner they form Casa de la Bachata.
Last 2 years Casa de la Bachata provide lessons, workshops and bootcamps and show training in Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam.  

Lloyd Winter

Dance teacher Urban Kiz at Pa'lante Dance Academy

Lloyd Winter is an international dancer, the founder of the dance crew The Movement Blueprint and Mode Zéro and the inventor of one of the styles of Urban Tarraxa. 


Based in Amsterdam and known in Europe and beyond for his unique style, his way of teaching and technical skills. 


Lloyd have spent the last 6 years travelling to different parts of the world, teaching Urban Kizomba and Tarraxa to thousands of people - inspiring beginners, teaching dancers and training teachers. 


His background in martial arts, working as a contemporary artist and his curiosity for understanding movement, gives him a special and creative approach to dancing. His focus on technic and details enables both beginners and advanced dancers to progress and reach the next level in their dance. Being an educated teacher he also have deep insight in how to transmit this knowledge to people in a tangible way. His inspiring Urban Kiz and Tarraxa classes and workshops contain fun exercises, lots of technique and styling, but the emphasis is on the connection with the dance partner.


His fascination of movement as a way of communication inspired him to develop a new style, Urban Tarraxa - a playful and rhythmical style where the leader and follower challenge each other through body movements. 


According to Lloyd, music fills our souls, which makes us able to let go of everything and as a result have the music carry us. You can teach someone all the steps, but in his opinion, there is a lot more to be taught if you truly want to be able to have someone express their feelings through dance."

Neia Costa

Dance teacher Samba at Pa'lante Dance Academy


Here is a short introduction of who I am.


I was born and raised in Brazil. As a Brazilian born I grew up with the Samba dance and music.

However, it was until I came to the Netherlands in 1996 that I started dancing at a professional level.


I started to dance in a very nice group. I liked it so much that at a certain moment I founded my own Samba group. Nowedays is my group known nationally aswell as internationally.

We can be seen on large stages and big parades as well as on private events and parties.


We give Samba dance shows wearing traditional handmade carnival costumes.  


What attracts me the most from the Samba is that you create a special combination of movements on the rhythm of the music that accentuates the female body.

I am ready to join you in that adventure.

I see you back during the classes at Pa'lante!


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Garry Francisco

Music teacher and musicality teacher at Pa'lante

Apart from being a music teacher I’m as well a musicality teacher at Pa’lante.   

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Garry Francisco.

I was born in Curacao, and I’m a drummer and percussionist as well as an all around musician.

The playlist of my two bands Los Salsoneros & Caribbean Lovers, consists of salsa and pop music at a professional level.


Los Salsoneros  is a project of mine, with which I perform at salsa congresses and salsa dance academies and easily play straightforward beats as well as very challenging compositions. 

Our style mostly reflects  “8 y Mas” by  Marc Quinones & Bobby Allende. Light, virtuoso with pure dynamics and space for Tito Puenteçaose excesses.


With the Caribbean Lovers I play on a commercial basis at private parties such as weddings or birthdays. And of course also corporate parties. 


My motto is:

“Whatever you play, and how technical or challenging it might be, and whether its music or dance, the only thing that counts is the groove”…!!!  


From my childhood on, and working through the years as a drummer/percussionist with different bands, I felt the growing passion for salsa music. The reason was that I did not only play salsa music, but I also danced to this vibe. And for knowing personally what works or not for a dancer, I am very able to respond to what does work, making it to become a feast for everyone….!!!!

Mikel Foendoe

Piano teacher at Pa'lante Music Academy

Mikel was born in The Hague, but his roots lays in Curaçao. At the age of five he was already behind the organ and the Fender Rhodes to strum. His father was a percussionist in a student band they had back then. The instruments were stored at Mike's home, so it came to be that the fire for playing music was fueled at an early age.

From his eighth to eighteen he lived in Curaçao which also contributed to his musical development, which is very broad. From Gospel to Jazz, through R&B and rock to Latin.


Since his formation at the conservatory, Mike has been playing and teaching music fulltime. He has had the pleasure to work with a variety of various national and international artists with whom he has also traveled and see many parts of the world.

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