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Pa'lante Music & Dance Academy (Pa'lante) provides dance and music lessons in Latin

American, Caribbean and related styles. Pa'lante consists of a dynamic team of professionals and volunteers who would like to help and guide you in developing your Latin spirit.  


Latin American influences are now strongly present in the musical scene. This presence has increased considerably since the 1980s. Nowadays the crossover between Latin and pop music, is a worldwide phenomenon. A number of founders of this genre include Gloria Estefan, Selena,

Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias and Shakira.

Are you musically skilled and want to enrich your musical cadenza with new music styles? Or have you always wanted to play a musical instrument? Then this is your chance to learn to play the most fascinating Latin American and Caribbean rhythms. Pa'lante has brought together the best Latin and Caribbean musicians to give you the chance to develop and express your musical skills in a fun and accessible way. The music lessons are taught by professional teachers. 


We organize regularly events in the area of dance and music so that you can bring in practice your lessons and show them on the stage or dance floor.

Pa'lante consists of a dynamic team that is happy to help and guide you in developing and expressing your performing arts. We also give customized Salsa, Bachata, Samba and/or percussie workshops. Wether it is a company party, wedding or private party, we will help you with the content. 

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